• For some people : Going to school, getting a diploma, or looking for a job were totally optional, as they find themselves enrolled in their self-made career well before their twentieth birthday
  • For others : Their Life Mission is so fulfilling and nourishing to them that eating is no longer a requirement and only an enjoyable possibility in their healthier drug free lifestyles

 How can this be possible ? Especially when...

  • 5.3/10 is today's level of humanity happiness*
  • 87% people are not actively engaged in their jobs, and 24% are unhappy in their career**,
  • 1 in 6 people in the past week experienced a mental health issue and the rate of mental illnesses and preventable diseases keeps increasing worldwide***

So how could we possibly live happier, healthier, longer, and freer, in today's World ?

Finally Found is about sharing with you ways to live this higher potential, which may seem to be "extra-ordinary" for some, in a World that is impermanent, fast changing and even in crisis. 

Finally Found will reveal to you a deep, transformational and magical journey, through which the work, teachings, stories and experiences of all the doctors, scientists, pranic people, media personalities and entrepreneurs featured in this film documentary will unravel your Life Mission and new human possibilities for us all.


Creator of the film documentary Finally Found

*according to the 2017 World Happiness Report released at the United Nations for the International day of Happiness.

**according to Gallup organization.

*** according to the Mental health Organization.



Discover the captivating Film Documentary Finally Found and Propel your Life Mission !


Valeria Lukyanova

Vegetarian Model, singer & musician

International Lecturer & author

Founder of the School Temple of Infinite Unity

Medium & Expert in Astral travelling

Creator of the Youtube channel Amatue 21 & the Facebook community Valeria Lukyanova 

Dr Tal Schaller

Doctor, naturopath, homeopath, acupuncturist, osteopath, shaman, psychotherapist and lecturer

Holistic and alternative medicine expert

30 years+ experience as a health pioneer

Spiritual and holistic health writer

Alyse Brautigam

Raw vegan expert and certified health coach

Creator of the brand and Youtube channel Raw Alignment 

PhD Konstantin Korotkov

Author of 9 books

Deputy Director of St. Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture

President of the International Union for Medical and Applied Bioelectrography

Developer of the Gas Discharge Visualization technique, based on the Kirlian effect 

30 years+ experience as a pioneer Researcher in the human energy field

Dr Sudhir Shah

Professor and Head department of Neurology at KM school of PG medicine & research, India

20 years of practice as a Consultant Neurologist 

Director of Neurosciences

Immediate past chairman of National Jain Doctor’s Federation

Executive Committee Members at Indian Academy of Neurology

Dr Edith Ubuntu Chan

Holistic Chinese Medicine Doctor

Author & Creator of "SuperWellness™"

Expert in Wellness & Human Performance

Doctoral Degree in Endocrinology & Neuromuscular Medicine

Bachelors in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University

Creator of the first Pranic Festival (2015) 

Kayla Jenkins 

Self-taught Make-up Artist 

Award winning blogger

Creator of the cruelty-free lash line Okaylash

& the Youtube channel Okaylaaa

PhD Pascal Martelli

PhD in Neurophysics specialized in altered state of consciousness

Shaman therapist

Teacher & Lecturer

2 years experience in Pranic Living


International Lecturer

Metaphysical Author of 38 books

Founder of the Embassy of Peace

Lifetime President of the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists

24 years experience in Pranic Living 

44 years+ experience in Meditation

PhD Daniel Astinotti 

PhD in Molecular Biology & Chemical Engineer

Stress & Heart Intelligence Expert

Creator of the Heart Breath Foundation

30 years+ experience as a pioneer Researcher in the human health science

Mesnet Josephau Charrier

Quantum Therapist

Creator of teh Youtube channel Quantum TV Mesnet and the Luminic Food Internship

Akahi Ricardo Salas

International Lecturer

Author of the book Becoming Breatharian

Founder of the 8 Day Process (8DP)

9 years experience in Pranic Living 

Lincoln Gergar 

Spiritual Teacher & Higher Self Channel 

Creator of the Youtube channel Higher Self channel

Ray Maor

Master of Awakening

Author of the Book A Year without Food

5 years experience in Pranic Living

Creator of the 10 day Breatharian Initiation Process

Camila Castillo

Founder of the Pranic Woman Program

8 years experience in Pranic Living 

Tasha Maile 

Life Coach & Entrepreneur

Vegan Breastfeeding mum of 3 children

Creator of the Youtube channel Spiritual Tasha Mama

Elitom El-Amin 

Qi Gong & Meditation Master

Teacher of the Holistic Technology

Creator of the Living on Energy Program

Living food free & water free

Author of It's Ok to be healthy & Human Photosynthesis 101

Kay Hougaard 

Master of Martial Arts, Healer & Spiritual Guide

Author of The Book on ADHD & ADD - Sensitive Children and Adults

Founder of the Lotus Health Care Center in Danemark

Developer of the Brain Center Activation Method to live on Universal Energy

Natanja Richter 

Reconnective Healing Practitioner

5 years experience in Pranic Living

Facilitator of the Living on Light Process

Shanahan Guggenheim

Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Therapist

Author of A Fairy Path

16 years old, Vegan

Educated without going to school


Yoga teacher


Vegan Activist

Facilitator of the Nirahara Prasakti Method (21-Day Process) since 2001



Beautiful ! A Masterpiece ! Bravo !


Thank you very much for putting this film together, it has been very inspiring and guiding. (...) each individual was a teacher and inspiration in their own way. The two that hit home most for me were Mesnet Charrier and Elitom El-Amin.  

How eloquently Mesnet stated our highest purpose/purpose of life of God, is simply Life.

Elitom to me appears to be a great practical teacher for the lifestyle of living on the energy of life.

I have been applying Schaller's fear transmuting technique. So far so good. Very helpful technique. 

Thank you again,


Fantastic ! Congratulations 

it is so great - very impressed with your work!

It's obvious how much love you poured into this! Just beautiful!

Dr. Edith

Thank you for this documentary that I adored.


As usual, your "laser soul" knows what to say in a few words...

Mesnet Josephau Charrier

My congratulations !!! Well done !!!

Love and light


This is a Masterpiece, well done !


I liked Elitom's 5 Pillars of Longevity/Immortality the best because I have always believed we could become immortal, since I was a little child, and I finally feel like it is really possible, which is the most exciting news I could ever hear !

Thank you with love,


Loved the whole movie (...) well done!!!!!


Finally Found is a Film Documentary lovingly and privately funded. Its creation has been possible thanks to every participant featured in the Film being an active co-creator of it : Working with its own recording crew and being part of the distribution process.

MaryÂm has been creating and producing the Film Documentary Finally Found herself, with the help and advices of 3 film makers and the presence of 6 amazing people (mentioned in the film credits). 

She dedicated over a year of her time, energy, and 90% of the film budget herself, to make this project possible, in service to World Peace & Human Empowerment.


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